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Jackson Clinic Relies On Misys VPM
May 6, 2009 10:00 AM


Critical Issue
The Jackson Clinic relies on Misys VPM (Vision Practice Management) software for its office operations and Misys EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software to run its nine medical clinics in western Tennessee. In order to keep the Jackson Clinic up and running, it is critical that the VPM and EMR systems remain available and protected against both planned and unplanned downtime.

Business Challenge
More than a half century ago, when five medical and surgical specialists decided to open a clinic to serve the needs of their small Tennessee community, they didn’t dream the clinic would be at the forefront of healthcare technology one day. Today, Jackson Clinic takes the lead in using technology to diagnose and cure patients and in using software to run business processes and manage vital medical records.

Reaching these lofty goals presented some challenges. All patient medical records are stored digitally, including chart information, x-rays, MRI and appointments. It’s easy for medical staff to retrieve the information, but it’s a lot of information to be protected and readily available at all times. Any interruption or loss of this important data could be disastrous. It could literally be a life or death challenge.

The Jackson Clinic prides itself on its forward-thinking utilization of healthcare technology. Three years ago, when most other medical facilities were only thinking about it, The Jackson Clinic went completely paperless with one of the first EMR solutions offered. In order to maintain that paperless environment, it chose Misys Healthcare Systems software and System p servers from IBM to host their critical VPM and EMR applications.

Being paperless meant that data protection was now an essential capability for The Jackson Clinic.

“We needed a replication solution that would easily and reliably backup our data to a second server,” said William Butler, System & MIMIX administrator at The Jackson Clinic. “We chose EchoStream for AIX because of its advanced CDP™ functionality that allows us to go back in time to recover lost or corrupted data.”

Continuous data protection, or CDP, provides the widest range of recovery points for restoring data. If data is lost either accidentally or maliciously, CDP enables an organization to return to the point in time just before the loss for easy, instant recovery.

EchoStream ensures that the VPM and EMR systems are available at all times. When load intensive reporting needs to be completed, Butler can easily perform the task on the remote backup machine to conserve resources on the production server. Butler also uses EchoStream to test new solutions against live data in real time.

“EchoStream allows us to road test new solutions before they are implemented, so we can identify any problems there may be down the road,” said Butler. “This is especially important as we implement our new EMR solution. We’ll be going from 350 to 1,000 users. Now we can make that transition seamlessly, as we’re already testing it out on the backup environment.”

In addition, The Jackson Clinic uses EchoStream to help satisfy HIPPA regulatory requirements for data protection and availability. By providing any point in time recovery capability, the software ensures that should anything corrupt or accidentally delete a record, the clinic can “dial back” in time to the point just before the incident. “EchoStream provides us with a complete backup of our medical records so we can meet those government requirements,” said Butler.

One of the biggest benefits of EchoStream, according to Butler, is the high confidence level in knowing critical data is always protected and always available. Plus, with the parameters he set for CDP, he can easily return to any minute within the last 24 hours to quickly reverse data corruption. It’s great medicine for keeping The Jackson Clinic’s paperless environment healthy and secure.

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