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A Remotely Administered Identity Management Solution

February 21, 2007 09:00 AM

Kyle Watson
Watson SCS, Inc.

Like large corporations reminiscent of Enron and Tyco, small to midsized businesses are required by law to comply with complex pieces of legislation surrounding information security, including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Unlike large corporations, however, small to midsized businesses often do not have the resources required to create a compliant Identity Management environment. At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA, Watson SCS, Inc. introduced a managed, hosted Identity Management solution designed to address the compliance needs and budget constraints of the SMB, called Identity Management On Demand. The solution provides the expertise required to implement and maintain a full-scale Identity Management program, for a set initiation fee and predictable monthly charge.

According to Kyle Watson, founder of Watson SCS and architect of the methodology, “small to medium sized businesses face unique challenges in creating effective Identity Management solutions. Daily maintenance is required to sustain compliance, and highly qualified – and expensive – technology personnel are necessary to execute and keep up the solution. With Identity Management On Demand, implementation of a simple Identity Management program can be executed in twelve weeks – about half as long as the quickest deployment of a customized solution. Watson SCS then takes on the risk of success as well as the trying task of retaining technical personnel by managing information remotely at a secure IBM hosting facility, all with significantly lower up-front and long-term costs than a typical customized Identity Management solution.”

Watson SCS, Inc. is an IBM business partner, and works closely with IBM on product and service development and implementation. Identity Management On Demand is based on IBM’s Tivoli Identity Manager Express product, and all hardware and software are installed and maintained in a secure IBM Hosting facility. The service delivers password management and self-service reset for end users, centralized user ID administration and permissions control. Logic and automation facilitate standardization and prevent errors in the administration process. Identity Management On Demand clients receive custom audit reports detailing who has access to what, and who approved that access. These are all key benefits to a company’s bottom line and result in a quick, realized return on investment.

The Watson SCS solution is unique because it is managed remotely, eliminating the need for the serviced company to hire its own team to manage the solution. Attracting and retaining qualified individuals to implement and maintain an Identity Management program is a difficult, expensive and daunting task, as anyone in the IT world will readily acknowledge. Additionally, the day to day administration of any Identity Management solution is time consuming and often tedious. Companies that can not stay up to date quickly find that their “solution” is not a solution at all, but instead yet another wasted investment that is not living up to its billing.

Watson SCS is an IBM Business Partner focused on Security. Identity Management On Demand provides clients with immediate and affordable access to Security Experts, reducing both long-term cost and risk.

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